A few years ago I had to “rest” with an injury, so I decided to investigate the art of tangling (repetitive design) to keep myself busy. A new art form was born! Unlike most who “tangle” or “doodle”, I didn’t take to the idea of freeform and instead wanted to make creations that were far more complex and planned out in creative ways… before the designs are even drawn. I decided to call my special style, Hid-N-Tangles.
First, I felt inspired to create a “portrait” of each of my family members, with hidden designs that were special to each of them inside. As people became aware of my drawings, they wanted me to make them personalized Hid-N-Tangles as well. I decided that if I picked a subject matter relevant to many of my interested friends and family, then I could serve them all. Being relatively new to Florida, I decided to make it my first Hid-N-Tangle designed for sale. Shortly after, I decided to a few more series: Letters, Inspirational Images, and my original idea of Character Animals.